Upon gazing at Natasha’s art, you are immediately drawn into the realism of the senses. Whether she is depicting an intimate duo of guitar and harmonica in “Love Song”, or the frenetic dance of two women in “Party Animals”, the canvas beckons us to partake in the exuberant joy and sensuality of Life and surrounds us.

In her continuing work as a fashion designer and illustrator, Natasha treats the fabric as a means to cling to the body, revealing powerful, yet feminine, full-bodied women. Her stylized powerful, yet feminine, full boded women of fabric is reminiscent of Tamara de Lempicka’s Art Deco female figures. “The Good Life” is portrayed by the pursuit of worldly pleasures of dancing, singing, playing pool or simply enjoying a glass of wine. All are painted with a reverence for exquisite detail and rich texture. Her women are larger then life, confident, and often fill the perimeters of the canvas. We are voyeurs catching a glimpse of their lives as if gazing through a secret peephole or looking glass. The soft sensuality of flesh is contrasted with the stylized and foreshortened background much like the Viennese artist Gustav Klimt, who used the technique of a gold or geometric backdrop to heighten the effect.

In her depiction of larger, full sized women, Natasha is challenging society’s accepted ideal of female beauty: a concept consistently reinforced by magazines and the media.

Natasha expresses her special interest to billiard art. You may see her collection of images on the next pages.

Her canvases are a tribute and simple declaration that “Beauty truly comes in every size”.

DREAMING WITH ANETA, Oil on Canvas 60" x 40" APPLE MARTINI, Oil on Canvas 60" x 40" NOSTALGIA, Oil on Canvas 60" x 40"
POOL - 4, Oil on Canvas 60" x 40" POOL - 1, Oil on Canvas 60" x 40"
AURORA, Oil on Canvas 60" x 36" FASHION SESSION, Oil on Canvas 60" x 40" FUNNY SUNNY DAY, Oil on Canvas 60" x 36"